Monthly Mentorship Package

Monthly Mentorship Package

799.00 1,000.00
  • Personalized step-by-step guidance and plan

  • Weekly instructional video calls (4 calls, 4 hours total)

  • ”Mentor in your pocket” (daily access for questions, advice & feedback)

  • Product Hunting Strategies

  • Facebook Ad Strategies (Testing & Scaling)

  • Behind the scenes insights on my current $75k/month store

  • Access to my resources, team, apps, softwares, etc.

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Monthly Mentorship

How It Works:

  • Once a week, we will have a video call for one hour. These calls will be structured and filled with actionable steps. 1 Month = 4 calls (4 hours total)

  • “Mentor In Your Pocket”: You will have daily access to directly message me for advice, suggestions, feedback, etc.

What To Expect:

  • Personalized step-by-step guidance and plan tailored to your niche, revenue, etc.

    • I will be able to lay out an exact step by step plan on the actions you need to take, the products you should test, how you should test your products, how you should scale, etc.

  • Weekly instructional video calls (4 hours total)

    • These video calls are designed to fix common issues like: high traffic, low sales; unprofitable ads; inability to scale; etc.

  • ”Mentor in your pocket” (daily access to my advice & feedback)

    • You can ask me any question daily like: “is my product page optimized”; “should I kill or continue my ads”; “what do you think of this product”; etc.

  • How to find winning products

    • You’ll know every single strategy I use to consistently find winning products. Strategies include: FB research, competitor spying & analytics research, 2 product hunting sites I use, and ecommerce trend research

  • Behind the scenes insights on my current $75k/month store

    • Not only will you see my actual store, you will be able to see my ads, my net profit, my apps, etc.

  • Access to my resources, team, apps, softwares, etc.

    • I am subscribed to about $500 worth of apps and services. I’ll recommend you apps to download, freelancers and VAs to hire, introductions to personal connections of mine, etc.

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