Facebook Ad Consultation & Strategy Session

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Like it or not, Facebook is big business with several billion users who you are able to precisely target with your special offer. However, the difficulty is knowing exactly how to market to relevant and interested people without wasting your hard-earned money with the complex, algorithmic machine of Facebook Advertising.

Facebook advertising alone has generated me over $80,000. This was achieved through persistent trial and error and ongoing adaptation and optimization. It will take you at least 3-5 months to achieve confidence in Facebook and know how to effectively use it.

With my consultation, you will know how to identify your perfect customer, have them click on your ad, perform the action you want, and have your entire campaign scaled and optimized for success. One successful ad can yield you $1,000-$10,000+ every day.

To be more specific, you will be advised on which campaign objective to start with (WC, Link Clicks, Leads, etc.) and how to precisely target the most relevant, shopping enthusiasts via Facebook's massive audience base (example: targeting 28 year old females who are house-searching, have a net income of $100K+, enjoy interior decorating, and have pressed the "Shop Now" button on their Facebook feed at least once this week). Yes...you can get that specific. That kind of DETAILED targeting will get you results. For whatever product/service you have, there are people who will not hesitate to purchase your offer.

After the detailed targeting, I will advise on which Facebook platforms and devices your ad(s) should appear on and finally, I will consult you on the ad: how to choose the most effective photo/video for the ad, how you should write your copy (the ad text), the marketing tactics to include in the text (urgency, scarcity, incentives, etc.) and more.

This 1 hour consultation will save you from the exhausting learning curve that Facebook Ads require. Don't start on your own as a beginner and instead learn from a Facebook Ad expert personally.

Save yourself the headache and expensive mistakes and book a call with me today.

[PS: This is an all-in-one call, so please make sure to take notes. I will also be available for Facebook Ad Management to see how your ads are performing]