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Hi I'm Paul, a 6-figure Shopify specialist who's dedicated to mentoring you towards your eCommerce success.

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How a beardless college dropout grew a 6-figure beard brand in 1 year.


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    Getting high traffic, but no sales? Not sure what optimization to start with? Having trouble scaling that winning adset? 

    Having invested $45,000+ on Facebook Ads, I'll be able to formulate a masterplan for you that will finally give you the results you're looking for.


    Copywriting is closing; never forget that. The words you choose can make the difference between a user abandoning cart and a lifetime loyal customer. 

    You'll learn my tactics, scripts, and secrets that you can use to create enticing product descriptions, winning Facebook ads, emails, blogs, and more.


    Your brand is your most valuable asset. Branding is what allows you to increase a product's price from $5 to $50.

    Branding was the one thing that allowed me to dominate in an extremely competitive market, and charge a premium on my products (and my business exit valuation).


    You're getting traffic, but people are not purchasing. They don't have the confidence to because your product page is suffering from one or more key essentials. 

    I will give you an audit on how to radically optimize your product page so your customer can gain that confidence to purchase. 

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For a limited time, I will devote my time and energy in helping as many ambitious entrepreneurs as I can. This is my way of giving back - after having succeeded with my 6-figure Shopify business. 

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This is 1-on-1 Mentorship

Your Shopify store has its own specific needs and faces its own unique challenges. No course can be tossed together to specifically meet your business' needs like a personal mentor can.

With my guidance, you'll no longer have to scramble on Youtube/Google for the solution to your problems, listening to contradictory advice. Follow my footsteps as your own personal Shopify mentor.

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My name is Paul, I'm 22, and this is my story on how I went from serving tables at $3/hour to now making $100K+/year.


Broke, bored, and bewildered was I when I worked for bosses I didn't like, at jobs I didn't enjoy, not being paid the money I wished for. I longed for freedom and adventure, but felt stuck and powerless. After all, I'm just a millennial, stuck in college, buried in debt. 

But I was at my tipping point; I couldn't accept living my life in quiet despair any longer. It was 2016 when I fully committed myself to entrepreneurship and business. I read all the business & self-help classics, watched hundreds of hours of GaryV and the like, and mentally played out all of my "million dollar ideas" (the ones you see on Shark Tank).


Aside from restored hope and an improved state of mind, no results came from this. I was still living life in perpetual boredom, slaving away at my 9-5, making $400/month. Then one day, I discovered the opportunity of Shopify. I was sold and I wanted in.


Of course dropshipping was attractive, but I wanted to make my own products, build a strong brand, and have loyal customers globally; the "Silicon-style" startup business. I had took my trivial desire to grow a beard at the time, and transformed it into a business opportunity. With a dream in sight, I had spent $750 (my entire savings) and 4 months researching cosmetic formulation and pharmacology in order to develop my very own beard growth formulation.


My confidence was high and I was ready to produce my first batch of cosmetics, until the day I had consulted with the FDA. They informed me that the product I was making was a drug, which would have to undergo a $2,500,000 application process of tests and approval. That was the end of all hope I had left. I was crushed.


I had spent so much time on the idea of a beard growth product, understanding the bearded (and unbearded) audience, researching 300+ cosmetic ingredients, and essentially everything there is to know about beard care and beard growth. It was at this moment that I had to decide: give up or keep going.


I made the pivot from beard growth to beard care, launched my Shopify store,, in Nov 2016, despite this market being hugely saturated and my concerning lack of facial hair. 


I started with dropshipping and dived right into Facebook advertising. After having found modest success with a beard comb, I established my long-term brand strategy, custom made cosmetics myself, and introduced branded inventory.


By strengthening my marketing skills across Facebook, Instagram, email, and SEO, I was able to quickly scale from $400/month in May to $2,000/month in July. Around this time, I quit my 9-5 job (after 5 years), dropped out of college, and went all-in on my beard business.


I sacrificed so much and faced discouragement from my closest friends and family, in order to achieve my success. I didn't have any support to lean on: no like-minded entrepreneur who I could share my success with, nobody that would encourage me to keep going when times got tough. Instead, I received only the opposite. My family shamed me in pursuit of my dream, my friends discouraged me, and numerous online communities ridiculed my attempt to grow a beard business without even having a beard.


I never gave up though, and my business kept growing despite the endless hate, criticism, and uncertainty of this journey. And I am so proud to say that the belief in myself over others' opinions, and my hard work has paid off, tremendously. 


Because I never had the privilege of support and assistance in my Shopify journey, I am now on my journey to be that support and mentor for others on this journey. Having grew my Shopify store from $0 to $112,495 in 14 months on my own, I was able to master Facebook/Instagram advertising, establish powerful branding strategy, successfully utilize SEO and rank keywords in the top 1-5 rankings, utilize influencers and build a passionate ambassador program, create custom-made product lines, and more. 


My expertise and skills were acquired from my experience, investments, and education. Take the shortcut and be mentored by me personally. 


Thank you for reading my story. Book a call here to get in touch.

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